20 noviembre, 2012 0

With EasyBlog, you can be assured of quality blogging with the following features:
Blog now, post laterYou can compose a blog now, suffer temporal writer’s block, save and write again, later.
Social media sharingAutomatically post into your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn whenever you create new blog entries.
Browse mediaEmbedding images and videos is fast and easy.
More third party integrationsHaving other Joomla! plugins and extensions to work with EasyBlog is just a few clicks away.
Blog ratingUsers can show intensity of their favorite blog post by rating them with stars.
And many more powerful features that you can use to make your blog work beautifully and professionally!
We welcome any inquiries and feedback from you. Feel free to send us an email to support@stackideas.com for immediate attention. Or, you can also refer to our Documentations and FAQs from our website at http://stackideas.com